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A wide range of ex-stock replacement valves plus other Norgren brands such as Herion and Buschjost. Range includes solenoid valves, namur valves, proportional valves, process valves and mechanical valves. Plus we will configure the VM10 valve island to your specific requirements.

In line and Manifold valves

Available in a wide variety of valve functions such as 3/2, 5/2, 5/3, 2x3/2etc and port sizes, Norgren has an in line valve for most applications. Featuring long life technology the valves are suitable for us in compressed air systems lubricated or non lubricated.

Safety Valves

For customers who are looking for components to be machinery directive compliant this range of safety valves delivers peace of mind in the working environment.

Manual/ Mechanical valves

This well proven range features variants from the popular super x series and the VHLA range of rotary hand valves.

Process industry/NAMUR valves

Featuring well recognized brands such as Buschjost and Herion this range is available in a wide variety of valve functions such as 3/2, 5/2 AND 2/2 and are ideal for process industry applications.

Flow control valves

Norgren’s range of uni and bi directional flow control valves are suitable for a wide variety of tubing diameters and all offer high flow performance. Variants are suitable for panel/wall mounting and offer long life.

Other valves

Featuring in line excess flow shut off valves, air fuses, non return valves, exhaust flow regulators/ silencers and quick exhaust valves these ranges offer various port sizes compatibility such as G 1/8 and G ½.

Classic products

Well known brands such as Martonair, Enots and Herion are the main products within this range. With a huge installed base and still being specified into new projects the classic brands are suited for a wide range of applications and tried and tested in operation.