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An unmatched, state-of-the-art lineup of pneumatic valves for any application, Norgren offers high-flow, compact valves used in multi-industry solutions throughout the industrial world.

In line and manifold valves

Available in a wide variety of valve functions, Norgren has an in line valve for most applications. Featuring long life technology the valves are suitable for use in compressed air systems lubricated or non lubricated.

Safety valves

When it comes to safety, nothing can be left to chance. That is why Norgren is so highly valued in this field - our XSz series of safety valves fully comply with the requirements of DIN ISO13849-1 and also carry OSHA, BG and CSA approvals

Manual/ Mechanical valves

Featuring a wide range of operators, this range of valves is suitable for multi directional flow and dual supply applications. Manufactured from lightweight corrosion resistant materials these valves have high flow capacities.

Subbase valves

Available in a wide range of valve functions this range of ISO and mini ISO valves are well proven in a wide range of industrial applications. Featuring a flexible sub bas system the range is long life with high flow.

Valve manifolds

VS18/26 valve manifolds feature a one piece solid PCB valve connection system that eliminates potential bad connections. Utilizing a glandless spool and sleeve design VS series deliver a lifetime values of over 200 million cycles.

Proportional pressure control valves

Proportional pressure control valves. Delivers excellent accuracy and fast response rates.


Comprehensive ranges of blanking plates and mufflers.